Resident frustrated with lack of discussion about superintendent

I was at the Freehold Regional High School District Board of Education meeting on Aug. 25 and was one of the ones who spoke my mind.

As with most others there, we were flabbergasted at the report given by (the state Department of Education) indicating that there was nothing wrong and that there should be modifications to their policies not to allow this in the future. We took great exception to this, and I stated that there is no comparison between the requirements for a doctorate from Breyer State and one from Rutgers.

Ethically it was wrong to receive this type of degree and accept an increase in salary, as well as use the title of doctor. I called for the board to pursue recovering the money spent for the school as well as the increases in salaries.

After all, those board members who have advanced degrees themselves would not tolerate this behavior in their private business dealings and they should not tolerate it in the public venue. I called for all present to reject all future budget questions on the ballot until fiduciary responsibility of the board is shown to us and, if necessary, elect new members to the board who will.

To add to the frustration for us, the taxpayers, we were told that they were invoking the Rice law as Mr. Wasser was not properly

notified that this would be discussed. All I have to say to that is "huh?!"

It has been in the news for months, it was brought to the board last month, and they certainly expected something as they had every available security guard as well as the Englishtown Police Department on site! How absolutely ridiculous to say there was no notification. I wonder who on the board decided to try this delaying tactic.

All I know is that this will not go away. If this were a private business, the superintendent, as well as the others, would be summarily dismissed. I wait to hear what the board truly decides.
Barry Hochberg