Senior has questions about tickets handed out in park

The police are everywhere! I was playing tennis in Michael Tighe Park in Freehold Township. Anyone who has gone to the park at 9 a.m. knows that the parking lots near the tennis courts are empty.

My friend and I got a ticket for parking over the white line. The ticket cost $50. I was furious and could not understand the reason for the ticket. It was given on June 24 and it was not in a crowded area. We were the only cars parked there.

The next week we questioned the summer policemen about why they gave us a ticket. They said it was for safety. We questioned what that meant.

In a few minutes they called a full-time police officer to come over to question us about harassing the park police (mind you, we are two seniors playing tennis).

I opened my mouth to say how ridiculous it was to get a ticket in an empty parking lot. He looked at me, pointed his finger and said, “You be quiet, I wasn’t talking to you.” I was intimidated and walked away.

People, beware. New Jersey is becoming a police state. Look around — they are everywhere and you can get a ticket for anything.

I tried fighting it and sent an affidavit and pictures explaining the situation. I lost. Judge Thomas F.X. Foley said I was guilty and had to pay $56 for the ticket plus $33 for the court fee. A total of $89.

Does Freehold Township need the money that much? Is this what our taxes are being used for? I am sure the police can be using their time more wisely.

A resentful $89 poorer senior.
Eleanor Provenzano