Live shows in Bordentown bring music up close

By Dr. Nick Rossos and Noreene Rossos of Bordentown
On Friday, Aug. 29, my wife, Noreene and I went to see Peter Tork’s new band at The Record Collector in Bordentown. It was a great experience. Live music is at its best when you hear it in a small intimate venue where the audience can interact with the performers.
    In my college years, I went with my fraternity to see Jim Morrison and the Doors in January, 1967 at Ondine’s, a small club by the 59th Street bridge in Manhattan. Not only did we get to see and hear the beginnings of a super group, but we could talk and interact with them.
    The Record Collector offers us the same small concert experience. Peter Tork sang his old Monkees hits but the real pleasure was to hear blues and boogie sounds of this new band Shoe Suede Blues.
    Noreene and I are looking forward to attend more concerts in the coming months. Finally we have a music scene in Bordentown.
    Medically speaking, I also am proud of John Chrambanis (owner of the Record Collector) for having ear plugs available to buy for one dollar. Our hearing is precious and rock concerts tend to be too loud.
    The Record Collector crowd was also terrific. The ages ranged from 7 years old to 70 plus. They were dancing in the aisles. I even bought an old favorite vinyl album from 1969. Congratulations to John and Sue Chrambanis, Randy Ellis (the promoter) and Bordentown for seeing the future.