Remove trains, roads to eliminate all traffic

D aniel Sivilich’s anti-light rail letter (“Group Says No Approved Plan Ever Included Rail Line,” News Transcript, Letters to the Editor, Aug. 6) appears like a personal attack against Monmouth County Administrator Robert Czech.

It is when you get near the end of his lengthy letter that he also appears to oppose the heavy automobile traffic on Route 522 (in Manalapan). Yet one of the reason for putting a light rail line on the existing track bed is to reduce traffic on Route 522 and other roads.

Mr. Sivilich’s argument that the existing rail line was never intended for heavy traffic could also be used for Route 522, but higher house concentrations have necessitated higher traffic volumes and is precisely why there is a need for a light rail line.

His alternative solution to put the railroad track and Route 522 underground sounds noble. In fact, putting all New Jersey train tracks and major roads underground could solve many safety and aesthetics issues, but it would be far less expensive to just remove all train tracks and major roads.

We could then slide back into a simpler time zone.
Bob Ahlers