‘Extended families’ create overcrowding

Ron Wootters of Lambertville
    I discovered that the overcrowding limitation set by the City of Lambertville for the maximum number of people that can live at one residence does not apply to extended families living together.
   Limitations are a required square foot minimum for each person living in a dwelling.
   Definition of extended family — parents, children and relatives — the family as a unit embracing parents and children together with grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and sometimes more distant relatives.
   I guess this means I can call Belgium and the Netherlands and invite all of my cousins to come live with us. Guess any of their neighbors can come along, too, and just say they are my cousins.
   Since Lambertville has only one man working a half day per week checking on the overcrowding situations and has no way of checking if they are really my cousins, there shouldn’t be any problems.
   Besides, if my cousins and their neighbors ever get into a serious situation, they can always claim they don’t speak English and lapse into Dutch, French or German.
   Does all this sound ridiculous? Well, guess what.
Ron Wootters
Lambertville 