Candidate dismayed by reception

By Stephen Monson of Bordentown Township
Recently, as I was doing door to door campaigning, I encountered an interesting quandary concerning “Republican values.”
    I knocked on a door in Bordentown Township. Two young boys about 8 or 9 years old answered, followed by their mother. I introduced myself and informed her I was one of the Democratic candidates for Township Committee and then offered her our campaign flyer.
    Her initial reaction (was) to recoil, followed by her blurted out exclamation that she was a Republican. Then, not so politely, and in the presence of the two boys, refused my offer of a campaign flyer followed by a slammed door.
    As I walked away, I puzzled over this incident. I wondered if her actions were areflection of the values of the Republican Party? I wondered if it is Republican doctrine to rudely display intolerance to the views of others? Is it Republican Party policy to behave in this un-American fashion in the presence of impressionable children? Is this the type of example that Republicans want to convey to their children about the Democratic electoral process?
    Certainly individuals can, and should be, passionate about their personal political views. Nevertheless, what has made, and continues to make this nation great is our democratic electoral process that encourages full debate and an exchange of points of view. To do otherwise could be considered to be un-American.
    It makes one wonder!