New recycling method begins in Lambertville

By Linda Seida, Staff Writer
   LAMBERTVILLE — City residents will start a new single-stream recycling program that allows the recycling of plastics and cardboard for the first time.
   Plastics labeled with numbers 1 through 7 will be accepted.
   Also under the single-stream program, residents no longer have to separate their recyclables according to the type of material. They can mix glass, aluminum, tin, steel and bi-metal all in one container.
   A new garbage truck, purchased for about $190,000, is capable of handling both regular garbage pickups and recyclables. The truck has a lifting arm that can pick up bins equipped with a lifting bar.
   Representatives of the Recycling Committee and the Public Works Department will be available to answer questions about the new recycling program Tuesday, Oct. 28, at 7 p.m. at the Justice Center at 25 S. Union St. Also expected to attend is a representative from Colgate Paper, the company that processes the city’s recycling. Refreshments will be available.
   The new program is a response to the “overwhelming requests from Lambertville’s residents,” said Piper Trelstad of the Recycling Committee in a written announcement.
   In addition to helping the environment, the new recycling program might even save the city some money, according to Mayor David Del Vecchio.
   ”We pay over $70 a ton to dump garbage,” he said. “Hopefully, we’ll see a reduction in those fees due to a reduction in tonnage.”
   The city will be paid $50 for every ton of recycling it delivers, according to Ms. Trelstad.
   Residents who own a rolling cart with a capacity of up to 96 gallons, a lid and a lifting bar can combine all of their recyclables into that one cart.
   Residents who want to use their old recycling bins can add plastics to the bin along with glass, aluminum, tin, steel and bi-metal containers, and they can bundle their cardboard along with white paper and newspaper.
   To celebrate and promote the changes, the city’s Halloween parade this year will feature a new costume category. Participants may make a costume out of recyclable materials such as plastic bottles, newspapers, cans, office paper, cardboard, etc. First, second and third prizes will be awarded.
   The Recycling Committee suggested several ideas, including a tin man using cans, a robot from cardboard boxes, a costume made of paper mache using newspapers or even a creative sculpture.
   Recycling Committee members and Public Works officials will be available before and after the parade to answer questions on the new recycling program.