Don’t let government manage health care

The best question of the recent presidential debate was a philosophical one asked by Tom Brokaw. The most honest answer was given by Barack Obama. Sen. Obama answered that he believed that health care is a “right.” This answer speaks volumes about his view of government in our society. In his more scripted description of his health care plan, he emphatically emphasized that no one would be asked to give up their health care plan.

Question: What is the motivation for an individual or employer to provide or help to provide health care insurance, when the government has indicated that it will pay for it? The unintended consequences of these policies are grave: bad health care run by the same government that has brought us this current mess and the looming disaster of the other big government programs, Medicare and Social Security. Socialized medicine and socialism choke the life force out of a society. Think carefully before you pull the lever for “change.”
James Fitzmaurice