Police report robberies


Edison police are investigating the robbery of a 97-year-old woman living on Library Place.

According to Lt. Joseph Shannon, police public information officer, the robbery took place Oct. 11 around 12:25 p.m. The victim was sitting at the front of her house when a truck pulled up and a man described as white, clean-shaven, heavy-set and wearing a red jacket and red baseball cap, and a woman described as white, tall, thin and wearing blue jeans and a baseball cap, got out of the truck.

Shannon said the two approached the woman and made small talk for about two minutes before the man pulled out a small notepad and asked whether she had a pencil. She got up and went through the garage entrance and into her kitchen to get one. The pair followed her inside. Once in the kitchen, the man grabbed her left hand and forced off the two diamond rings she was wearing. Once the rings were off, the pair ran out of the house and got into the truck, which was last seen headed toward Oak Tree Road.

The victim, very shaken by this turn of events, was taken to JFK Hospital for medical evaluation by the Edison First Aid Squad, for precautionary purposes due to her age.

According to Shannon, the rings, one of which was her wedding ring, are valued at about $10,000 in total.

The matter is being investigated by Detective Frank Varga. People with more information can contact him at 732-248-7533.

Police also reported that a gas station robbery took place Oct. 15 around 3:10 a.m. at the Hess station on Amboy Avenue. The attendant, a 26-year-old man, was standing outside near the gas pumps when the suspect, described by the victim as a white man wearing a black Tshirt, blue jeans and a white mask over his face, pushed him from behind. The attendant turned around to see the man pointing a black handgun right at him, demanding that the he turn over his money.

The attendant reached into his pocket and took out an undisclosed amount of cash and threw it at the suspect and then ran into the convenience store section of the gas station. From there, the victim saw the suspect pick the money up from the ground and, according to the attendant, the suspect began running in the direction of Gold Street, which runs adjacent to Amboy Avenue.

Shannon said the matter is under investigation and that anyone with more information is urged to call 732-248-7540.

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