TRENTON: East Windsor woman nominated as EPA administrator

   TRENTON — East Windsor resident Lisa P. Jackson, recently named chief of staff for Gov. Jon Corzine, was formally nominated today by President-elect Barack Obama as the next administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
   "I am both humbled and honored by President-elect Obama’s selection to lead the Environmental Protection Agency," she said in a press release.
   "I will always be grateful for the opportunity I was given to steward New Jersey’s air, land, water and natural and historic resources. I will forever be grateful to Gov. Corzine and his confidence in me to serve as commissioner of the Department of Environmental Protection, and as his chief of staff. The tremendous strides we have made in New Jersey environmental policy would not have been possible without Gov. Corzine’s strong leadership and support.
   "For anyone who cares deeply, as I do, about our nation’s environment and our citizens’ quality of life, this appointment is a dream come true. From fighting climate change globally to preventing pollution locally, we face some of the most challenging and complex environmental issues of our time. The solutions may not be simple or easy, but on behalf of every American, I will work tirelessly to pursue them."
   Gov. Corzine lauded the nomination.
   "When it comes to selecting a steward of the nation’s environmental treasures, President-elect Obama could not have made a better choice than Lisa Jackson," he said in a press release.
   "With her extensive background in environmental issues, coupled with her tenacity, work ethic and genuine commitment to the environment, Lisa was my unequivocal choice to lead the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, and then as my chief of staff. She has steered the state through some of the most challenging environmental issues in New Jersey history — from global climate change to the adoption of a workable alternative energy policy. Her expertise will serve the nation well.
   "Even though I lament her loss on behalf of the state of New Jersey, I am galvanized by the prospect of having one of our own showcased on a national stage with the opportunity to preserve our birthright for future generations. Lisa is up to the challenge. The nation’s environmental resources will be in good hands with her at the helm of the Environmental Protection Agency."
   Gov. Corzine quickly announced that Chief Counsel Edward J. McBride Jr. is his new chief of staff. He will be replaced as chief counsel by William J. Castner Jr., who will assume the new post before the end of the year.