Obama buyers’ remorse?

Marv Ostberg of Princeton
   President-elect Barack Obama and corrupt Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich were active and strong supporters of each other’ campaigns. Yet, Mr. Obama says he did not communicate with him about the open U.S. Senate seat.
   Ya. And he did not know how rabid and hateful the Rev. Wright was although they were as close as father and son for 20 years. And the unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers hosted his early announcement for public office. Yet Mr. Obama said they barely talked to each other. And then there is convicted Chicago felon, Tony Rezko, also under investigation in the Blagojevich scandal. He raised money for Mr. Obama, got him a mansion on the cheap. Yet Mr. Obama says they scarcely knew each other.
   It is becoming harder and harder to willingly suspend our disbelief. Are we destined for an era of corruption just as we must resolve huge economic and geopolitical problems? Should we have buyers’ remorse? Will a vast majority of Americans soon deny vehemently that they voted for him?
   One hope: there are still legal challenges outstanding that he was not born in this country. No official birth certificate has been put forth, only a certificate of live birth without the official details of hospital and attending physician. Maybe now stronger evidence of place of birth will be demanded by more people. American birth is a requirement for the presidency.
Marv Ostberg
    EDITOR’S NOTE: The Star-Ledger reported Thursday that the U.S. Supreme Court and individual justices on the court have rejected several legal challenges to the authenticity of President-elect Barack Obama’s birth certificate, adding: “Hawaiian officials have said they examined the document and have no doubt it is authentic.”