Newspaper columnist misses the mark with attack on Dick Cheney

Iwould like to express my disappointment in your publication of Greg Bean’s disgusting article “After Obama’s Inauguration, Cheney Will Be Out in the Cold,” (Tri-Town News, Jan. 15).

What possible value to the citizens your paper serves does this “journalism” provide? Zero. It is exactly this sort of personal attack that has driven our country into the sad divisions we see today, and have suffered through these last eight years.

Instead of putting our collective support behind our patriotic leadership of the past eight years, we have had to suffer through the divisive personal attacks of “journalists” such as Mr. Bean and his ilk. This political divide has allowed our elected Congress and Senate officials to accomplish nothing to the benefit of the American people, yet we keep electing these same people over and over again while expecting different results.

I guess with (the new administration) all will be solved and the wonders we all anticipated will come to fruition … I doubt it. When this new administration falls into the same traps of beltway politics as usual, and it will, can we expect Mr. Bean to author an article suggesting Barack Obama should return to frigid Illinois and irrelevance? I doubt it.

By the way, Dick Cheney is welcome anytime as a thank you for protecting this great country.

Tom Szczepanski

New Egypt