Workshop will teach kids to handle bullies

MARLBORO — Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts, 280 Route 9 North at Union Hill Road in the Cambridge Square Mall, announced that it will once again be hosting Tiger Schulmann’s BullyProof, a free bully prevention workshop for children and parents. The event will be held on Feb. 7.

This free workshop will focus on teaching children the skills and confidence they need to combat and discourage bullying through interactive skits, demonstrations and crowd participation.

The workshop will be led by the black belt instructors of Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts. Specific topics will include what to do when encountering a bullying situation, how to communicate bullying situations to teachers and family, how to handle physical confrontations and how to be confident in a non-aggressive way.

Parents are encouraged to attend with their children, as they will be coached on how to identify signs that their child is being bullied, how to keep the lines of communication open on the subject of bullying and they will be provided with information about bullying resources.

“Just about everyone has landed on a bully’s radar at some point in our childhood, so we know how it feels. And we know that most kids never tell their parents about it,” said Sensei Jason Johnson, head instructor of Tiger Schulmann’s in Marlboro. “Bullies stay away from confident kids, so that’s what our BullyProof workshop focuses on. Our goal is to empower our community’s children to radiate confidence so that bullies stay away entirely. And we teach them to stand up for themselves in case they are confronted with a bullying situation.”

Parents can call 732-972-2467 for more information and to reserve space for their child in this free community workshop.