Bill leaves no loopholes, ensures safety of students, faculty

Iam writing this letter in regard to the story titled “Background Check Bill Clears Senate” that appeared in the Nov. 13, 2008, issue of the Tri-Town News.

The article indicates that the New Jersey Senate has passed a bill that will advance the background checks on school administrators, bus drivers and any other employees who have contact with students. The bill also adds other offenses to the list of possible disqualifications for these employees.

In my personal opinion, I feel that this bill reflects an excellent decision that will help our state. As a high school student, I know that there are several things young people stress over, such as grades, extracurricular activities and problems with friends and family. Worrying about your own safety in school should not be one of these stresses.

By making employees undergo a stronger background check, we leave less room for bad people to get near individuals at our schools, thus ensuring our safety.

Bill S-110 may also make parents feel a lot safer about their children’s safety in school. Although most school employees are good people, the bill makes sure that there are only good people dealing with our children; this will make parents feel more confident about where their child is going every day.

Our old background checking system had many flaws that gave people with criminal records the chance to get into the school system. This new bill leaves no loopholes and guarantees the students’ and the faculty’s safety. I strongly believe this bill will help school districts throughout New Jersey and I sincerely hope that it works to its full effect.

Dana Gluck

Age 16 Old Bridge High School

Old Bridge