Schiazza gains support in bid for board

I am writing in regard to the school board election this April. Theresa Schiazza has announced her candidacy for a position on the Jackson Board of Education and I feel this is a great opportunity for our parental community.

I have personal experience working with Theresa, who currently holds the position of PTO president at the Holman Elementary School. She has given our school 100 percent in her role and has taken the responsibility to a new level.

As an individual, she is optimistic and determined to get the task at hand done, and done correctly.

Even in these stressful economic times, she finds a way to present our efforts in a positive light and makes the necessary adjustments to secure the stability of our PTO while ensuring the best programs are protected for our students.

Mrs. Schiazza believes and stresses parental involvement, runs a welcoming environment and always puts our students first. The Schiazzas have two children who are students at Holman and McAuliffe. Theresa is astute and can relate firsthand to the many issues and challenges our school board faces.

Theresa Schiazza will be an asset to the Board of Education and I encourage all parents to vote on April 21. The "Candidates who Care" — Theresa Schiazza, Marvin Krakower and Marty Spielman. This strong team of dedicated and experienced individuals will make sure our Board of Education is working hard for all students of Jackson.

Michelle Pettemerides