Boro should say no to MOM and transit village

Months back, Mayor Pat Menna stated publicly that he was open to the idea of pursuing Transit Village status for Red Bank, if it would secure free money to use on town projects. Taxpayers know that nothing is free. “Free” is a mirage that appears and disappears with regularity in Red Bank.

If you look on the N.J. Department of Transportation (DOT) website, one of the steps a municipality must take in order to receive transit village status consideration is “demonstrating a willingness to grow.” Without a doubt, I think the leaders of this town, including members of the Planning and Zoning boards, have sent out the message to all developers that Red Bank is willing to grow — which means to increase the density.

These large-scale development projects are changing the face of this great borough. According to the mayor and council, one reason they welcome development is because more people living in Red Bank means more people to tax. The mirage they present is that the tax burden would be lowered if it is spread out among more taxpayers. The reality is this would mean even more congestion in the borough and more costly public services.

It only makes sense that NJ Transit would think that Red Bank officials would approve the MOM line, because the town leaders are open to more development.

I applaud Mayor Menna for his recent decisive message opposing Red Bank as a terminus for the MOM line. Now just follow through with this message and tell the NJDOT and the State Planning Commission that they can keep their funding, because Red Bank is not going to encourage high density development down by our train station to support the transit village mirage.
Kim Senkeleski
2009 Red Bank Republican
Council candidate