Edison F.D. waiting for return of trucks

Two ladder trucks are out of commission

BY DAN NEWMAN Staff Writer

Besides not having met with Edison’s administration to try to avoid potential layoffs and furloughs, the fire department also has another issue on its hands.

Both of the department’s ladder trucks are out of service, with no exact timetable for when either or both of them will return in working order. One of the trucks has a problem with its rear suspension, and it is not known when it will be operational again, according to Edison Fire Chief Norman Jensen.

The second truck in question has been out for nearly three months because of a hydraulic problem. Jensen said that part would not be shipped from South Carolina until today, because the company that makes the truck has filed for bankruptcy.

Jensen mentioned that each of the township’s pumper trucks, however, was in working order and ready to go.

Even with the truck problems, Jensen said that his department will be just fine.

“There are plenty of occasions when municipalities need help from each other,” Jensen said. “There’s been some instances where we have helped places like Metuchen and New Brunswick when they have needed our assistance, and we have been there for them, and I am sure we can expect the same from them, if necessary.”

When asked about the potential for layoffs, Jensen said that he would be ready to manage as well as possible.

“At this point, we really are facing an economic emergency in town,” Jensen said. “I’d rather be preparing to help find a solution to this problem, but instead some people are preparing to be laid off. Nobody wants layoffs, and if it happens, things will certainly be different around here.”