Boro wraps work on water lines


SPOTSWOOD — The borough continues to forge ahead with work on water lines in order to resolve problems with water discoloration.

Council President Curtis Stollen said work on lines at Ellenel Boulevard and Vaughan Avenue, both west of Summerhill Road, is being wrapped up. The work included relining pipes and replacing some valves. Repairs to some fire hydrants, though not in the immediate vicinity of those roads, were included.

Councilwoman Marge Drozd said the discoloration occurs because water travels through the pipes from different directions. However, the borough has taken measures at its wells that, along with the cleaning and relining of pipes, have brought the discoloration problems under control.

“It still happens occasionally, but the frequency has diminished,” Drozd said.

Stollen said some of the piping on Vaughan Avenue had to be dug up and replaced instead of being relined. Because the piping there was only four inches in diameter, officials decided it would be better to re- place it with larger pipes.

The relining process includes the use of a machine that goes into the water lines and scrapes the buildup off. Another device is then used to apply a concrete lining, which isolates the water from the iron piping so that rust and iron do not build up and cling to the pipes. One reason for the discoloration has been rust and iron making their way into the water.

Drozd said bidding for the project was done last year, but had the work been done at that time, it would have cost the borough a premium. “It must be done in warm weather. It was more beneficial to do the bidding in the winter and save the start time for the spring,” she said.

Stollen said the residents affected by the work are now using the relined pipes, instead of an over-ground bypass that included piping laid in gutters. This consisted of flexible hoses tied into the homes to supply them with water while they were off the main lines.

Drozd said the work was disruptive for residents, and there were some complaints about low water pressure.

“But I think most people realize this is a service, so are willing to deal with the inconvenience,” she said.