Fitness training shifts from treadmills to the outdoors


Aunique exercise program that uses the benefits of the outdoors is gaining enthusiasts at a local sports club.

Christa Lippert Christa Lippert Outdoorfit, based at Test Sports Club (TSC) in Tinton Falls, is a 60- minute boot camp-style program that targets the entire body.

Launched a year ago, the popularity of the outdoor exercise setting has grown so that a 6 a.m. class has been added, with certified trainer Keith Molloy leading the early morning class with instructor Christa Lippert.

“Keith and Christa bring years of experience to the program and will challenge and motivate everyone at his or her own level,” said Mary Kiningham, the program’s creator.

According to Lippert, the new 6 a.m. class has really taken off, with at least 14 new members.

Lippert said that Molloy, who has 30 years of experience in personal training, is excited to work with the energy of the group.

“He brings in so much expertise. Christa and I learn from him every day, and he will help us bring the programto the next level,” said Kiningham.

Mary Kiningham Mary Kiningham Lippert and Kiningham have known each other and have been working out together for nine years.

“We would work out at a local gym and meet for runs at Huber and Hartshorne Woods often,” Lippert said. “We both were competitive runners, skiers, tennis players, etc. We love the outdoors and the energy that it gives you.”

Fifty-four-year-old Kiningham started Outdoorfit last August out of TSC, where her husband works as a personal trainer. She brought Lippert on board last December, and the two officially named the program Outdoorfit.

“I started working out there, and everyone said that I should work there. I love working out outside, so I thought, Let me get paid for doing what I love,” said Kiningham.

“Christa brought in new people and a whole new energy level to the program. It’s so much better now that we are working as a team,” Kiningham said.

Kiningham has a deep-rooted passion for a healthy lifestyle

“I was a stay-at-home mom and a massage therapist for 10 years. I was also a competitive runner, and I had my own health and wellness business. It’s very empowering for me. It’s been great,” said Kiningham.

Outdoorfit focuses on improving strength, agility and flexibility by taking fitness outside, boot camp-style, at Test Sports Club in Tinton Falls Outdoorfit focuses on improving strength, agility and flexibility by taking fitness outside, boot camp-style, at Test Sports Club in Tinton Falls “Neither of us could imagine doing anything else. We absolutely love what we are doing to help others get into shape while having fun and enjoying the outdoors,” Lippert said.

Outdoorfit has access to TSC’s weights, tires and facility. Membership at TSC is not required, and all are encouraged to join the program. The class is for all shapes, sizes and abilities.

“Each workout is adjusted to make sure that it is appropriate and challenging for participants regardless of their level,” said Kiningham.

The program is open to men and women, but most of Outdoorfit’s clients are currently women in their 40s, 50s and 60s.

Kiningham anticipates that Molloy’s new class will bring in a different demographic, with more males participating.

“We were outside in 3- degree weather with snow and ice this past January, and it was incredible. My ladies stayed committed. I literally pull people off the treadmill and get them going outside, and they love it,” Kiningham said.

“You would think that exercising outdoors in the winterwould be difficult, but it is incredibly invigorating. Some winter days we would be stripped down to a shortsleeve T-shirt. Breathing in all the oxygen is excellent for you,” said Lippert.

The workouts focus on increasing metabolism and improving strength, agility and flexibility.

“We’ve seen great results with our current members,” said Kiningham.

Outdoorfit sessions run in four-week blocks with a recovery week between sessions. During the recovery week, participants are entitled to the use of the TSC gym and are able to attend complimentary yoga classes.

“Mary has always liked to take care of her body with good nutrition as well as exercise, and decided to make her love for nutrition and proper supplements a part of the program as well. The participants love to have her as a resource when it comes to their overall well-being, from the inside out,” said Lippert.

Kiningham’s son, Sam, who played and coached both high school and college football, is also a trainer at TSC and is currently running a Kids Fitness Program.

“He is always thinking outside the box when it comes to fitness. He is able to keep fitness both fun and effective in a short amount of time,” said Mary.

The Kids Fitness class is for children between the ages of 7 and 12 and focuses on having fun with fitness.

For the majority of the 30-minute class, participants execute body-weight exercises, like push-ups, pull-ups, squats, and bear crawls. During class, children will complete a variety of runs and jumps and light weightlifting with dumbbells and rubber tubing.

Sam Kiningham is also teaching hourlong workouts at sports boot camp, which helps athletes get to the next level of their sport. The boot camp focuses on getting stronger and faster.

“I have always loved running in the woods,” said Mary Kiningham. “Very little would stop me, except thunder and lightning. I am so happy to be able to share my enthusiasm for the outdoors. It has been absolutely amazing to empower people to do things that they never thought they could do or they never thought they would do again. When was the last time you jumped rope?”

TSC is located at 776 Shrewsbury Ave. For more in formation, visit