Is Chris Christie Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde?

Recently we are finding out that Republican gubernatorial candidate Chris Christie has had a series of problems come to the surface. We now have heard the “two faces of Christie.” Is he Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde? According to his driving record, he has accumulated 25 points on his license, been in six accidents and cited 13 times for moving violations. One of his violations is very serious. He turned down a one-way street the wrong way and collided with a person on a motorcycle who ended up in the hospital. Strange, he told the police officer he was the U.S. attorney and he was let off scotfree. It sure is great to be a federal attorney.

He did not pay federal and New Jersey State income taxes for three years on the interest he received from a loan he gave to a female worker. He also did not report this on his New Jersey State ELEC [Election Law Enforcement Commission] disclosure forms. We now find out that he was a Trenton insider at one time when he was a lobbyist, twisting arms to get laws passed on behalf of his clients. As the U.S. federal prosecutor, he was the top cop in New Jersey. Yet with all these laws he has broken, his excuse is that they are all oversights, but for similar infractions he has put people behind bars.

Why does this man believe there are two standards? If he is elected governor, will we have “Christie law” of the laws created by our state constitution?
Joseph Philipp