CAMPAIGN CORNER: Committee must control spending, taxes

Jim Farley and Bill Rossi
   We have said it quite often during this campaign – the most important thing the township can do to improve the economic climate is to control spending and lower taxes that all property owners pay.
   Now, after a long journey to the doors of many homes throughout this great township spanning 54 square miles – it is up to the people of Hillsborough to do one simple thing – please go out to vote on Nov. 3.
   Our democracy demands it – unfortunately, the statistics show that even with our passionate plea – less than 60 percent of the registered voters in Hillsborough will make it to the polls.
   For a country at war, there is no greater expression of freedom that can be offered to our soldiers than to cast a ballot for the representative that you believe will best serve in the best interest of the Constitution of the United States.
The writers are Democratic candidates for the Township Committee.