Shame on school board for action surrounding website subpoena

How dare the Freehold Regional High School District (Board of Education) file a subpoena when a request for information is not forthcoming from their own legal adviser? (FRHSD attorney) Marc Zitomer is clearly unaware of his responsibility to the FRHSD to advise them of proper protocol for such matters.

Is he the impetus behind the subpoena for the anonymous names to be released? For what reason? Free speech is our right. Was anything slanderous? Was anything untrue? Was anything standing in the way of the truth? Were feelings hurt? Was someone harmed by the posted comments?

How dare he (Zitomer) then have the nerve to say he could not comment on when board members took action on the matter? A majority, this time, agreed to the issuance, huh?

Shame, once again, on a board which has been ill advised to proceed without the proper filing of an Open Public Meetings Act notification of such actions. Praise to (attorney) Stuart Moskovitz who clearly has our rights in mind. Thank you, Mr. Moskovitz.

Hasn’t this board learned from the formerly most recent mistake? Proceeding, ill advised by legal counsel, with the (Superintendent of Schools James) Wasser debacle? That was a unanimous decision.

Smarten up, board members. We are watching you more closely than ever. You are being held accountable for your actions.

How foolish to think you can any longer fly under the radar of scrutiny. You have awakened the watchdogs that are no longer willing to tolerate inadequacy. Do the job you were elected to do. If you are being inadequately advised, then you are compelled to remedy the situation by seeking more capable counsel.

Thank you, Mr. Moskovitz, for clearly and openly disclosing your intentions to proceed legally in accordance with the Electronic Communications Privacy Act if needed. Let us see what “backtracking” statements and empty excuses prevail this time from members of the FRHSD.

John J. Filipek Freehold Borough