Pinewood Village plan to come before zoners


JACKSON — On Dec. 2 the Jackson Zoning Board of Adjustment is expected to consider an application that was denied by the Planning Board in November 2005.

The application is for Pinewood Village, a proposed commercial use on Woodbury Drive, off Route 537.

The proposed location for Pinewood Village is near The Preserve residential development. In 2005, residents of The Preserve opposed the application, claiming that the construction of several buildings, including a day care center for children, would have brought unwanted traffic to their development.

The application that is scheduled to come before the zoning board next month is expected to have some changes from the 2005 proposal, including a switch in the location of the buildings and an added billboard.

According to a description given in the application for Pinewood Village, there will be an area of 8,000 square feet for retail use, a second area of 12,000 square feet for retail use, a third area of 15,000 square feet for retail use, an 8,000-square-foot area for child care, and 12,000 square feet for office space and the billboard.

The new application was received in February, according to zoning board office personnel, who noted that the Pinewood Village application is not a court remand relating to the 2005 Planning Board hearings, but a totally new application.

Zoning board Chairman Bill Santos confirmed that the application is set for a Dec. 2 public hearing. He noted that the location of the buildings has been changed and said there have been changes made to the parking areas and entrance to Pinewood Village.

Santos said attorney Ray Shea, who will represent the applicant in front of the zoning board, agreed to meet with residents of The Preserve before the application is heard so he could listen to and possibly address their concerns.

“That is something I always encourage,” said Santos, who indicated he prefers to have the applicant and residents meet to try to address the concerns before the zoning board hears the application.

Residents of The Preserve are concerned that Pinewood Village, a commercial application, will be near their homes.

“They have lived there a few years and now the commercial component is being proposed to be developed in front of their community,” said Santos. “Therein lies the concern.”