Questions AARP’s support of health care bill

Over the last few months I have read a few letters to the editor from Sy Larson, AARP state president, regarding health-care reform affecting seniors and some myths he believes are misleading.

Well, the first myth I would challengeMr. Larson on is his statement that AARP is nonpartisan. AARP is a very partisan organization. It is a left-leaning, liberal organization that supports all liberal agenda, liberal politicians, liberal entertainers, etc. If you read any AARP monthly magazine, you will find this to be true. Mr. Larson stated that all Americans are guaranteed a choice of dependable, affordable health care; in fact, there will be millions of people under this health-care reform who still will not have health care, and it will certainly not be affordable.

AARP has supported this healthcare reform bill when the majority of Americans are against it — just look at any poll. AARP, which is an organization for seniors, has turned on its own membership with its support of the bill. I do not know how cutting Medicare $500 billion helps seniors. I do not know how cutting $42 billion from home-health care and subsidies for assisted-living facilities and nursing homes helps seniors.

Over the next few years, millions of baby boomers will be on Medicare. Simple math tells us that cutting Medicare by these huge amounts and millions of people coming on the roles will lead to rationing of care, long waits to see doctors, claims being denied by the thousands, etc.

And by the way, I understand that members of Congress and their staffs are exempt from this bill because they are federal-government employees. I think it’s time to cancel their memberships in the next election.

Bob Genovese

Old Bridge