Conflict of interest on TNR, animal control

In response to David Blumig’s letter (Disputes claims that studies show TNR to be successful, Sentinel, July 30, 2009) about TNR [trap-neuter-release] not being effective:

Blumig takes exception with using TNR as animal control. Well, I am not surprised that he does. Blumig is an animal control officer and his family runs Blumig Kennel. They have contracts with many local towns. Animals picked up by animal control officers are sent to Blumig Kennel and they get a fee.

Mr. Blumig, if TNR doesn’t work, what does? We have been doing it your way for decades, and animals are killed in greater numbers year after year. Do you have actual facts that TNR doesn’t work or are you afraid the family business would suffer?

You state that our mandate by law is people first. I state that your only mandate is making money first.

Ming T. Chang