Millstone updates rules for recycling


MILLSTONE — New state and county rules concerning solid waste management means the updating of regulations for the township’s separation, storage, collection and recovery of designated recyclable materials.

The Township Committee by a 4-0 vote on Feb. 17 adopted an ordinance stipulating the new regulations. Committeeman Gary Dorfman was absent.

The ordinance states that it is mandatory for all owners, lessees and occupants of residential, industrial and business properties, and government institutions, to separate newspaper, corrugated cardboard, clean mixed paper, aluminum cans, tin and bimetal cans, glass bottles and jars, and pourable plastic bottles from all other solid waste for the separate collection and ultimate recycling of these materials.

Bulky recyclables are not to be placed with solid waste at curbside or in the township-provided containers for recyclable collection: concrete, asphalt, brick, block, tree stumps, tree limbs over 3 inches in diameter, metal appliances or bulk metal items larger than 1 cubic foot or heavier than 5 pounds.

Items such as automotive or other vehicle wet-cell batteries, used motor oil and anti-freeze should not be disposed of as solid waste, but should be kept separate from other waste materials and recyclables and taken to local service stations, scrap yards, or public-operated recycling facilities permitted to handle such items. Common, nonrechargeable dry cell batteries, such as A, AA, AAA, C, D and 9 volt batteries may now be disposed of with regular solid waste. However, the ordinance warns that rechargeable dry cell and button batteries contain significant amounts of various toxic metals, including mercury, and should be separated and taken to retail or public-operated facilities that provide specific arrangements for shipment to appropriate processing facilities.

Computers, monitors, digital and analog televisions and related electronic hardware also may not be placed with solid waste trash. They, too, should be separated and taken to retail or public-operated facilities that can ship them to appropriate processing facilities. No liquid paints, chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, reactive polishes or cleaners, automotive products or other hazardous wastes should be placed with recyclables or with solid waste for collection.

All designated recyclables become the property of Millstone Township and/or the contracted collector once placed at curbside. It is a violation for any unauthorized person to pick up any such materials, and each collection will constitute a separate and distinct offense. Violation for a first offense is punishable by a fine of $25-$100; for a second offense, $50-$250; for a third offense, $100-$250 and/or performance of community service in the recycling program, for a period not to exceed 90 days. Fines levied and collected in municipal court will be deposited into the municipal recycling trust fund, and used for the expenses of the recycling program.