Upper Freehold Reg. School Dist. will be in session April 5

Parents, teachers help superintendent decide when to make up snow day


Parents, don’t let the kids fool you. Not that every student would want an extra day off from school, but just in case some do, know that the Upper Freehold Regional School District has made spring break one day shorter to make up for using an extra snow day. Because the district closed for one more than the three days set aside for closing on account of inclement weather, it will conduct classes on Monday, April 5.

Superintendent of Schools Dick Fitzpatrick said he presented parents and staff with three choices — have students end spring break early, have students start spring break late, or extend the school year by one day.

“An overwhelming number of teachers and parents had a strong preference for April 5,” Fitzpatrick said.

Starting spring break late by having students attend class on March 29 posed a few problems, he said. That day is the first day of Passover and one of the days that the softball team will be on a trip to Florida and that a group of 30 students will be on a trip to Greece.

Fitzpatrick said he invited parents and staff into the discussion about making up the snow day by asking them questions via Alert Now, which is the district’s rapid communication service that allows him to send participants emergency and non-emergency voice, email and text messages.

After making the decision based on what the majority of those who responded said, Fitzpatrick said he received numerous messages of thanks for getting parents and staff involved in the decision-making process.