Dey and Lackay will serve Jackson well on school board

Iattended the Jackson Board of Education meeting about the budget on March 31. In these difficult times, many people clamber for a change in board members; however, change does not mean better. On April 20 we will be voting on our school budget and two seats for the board.

I am very familiar and impressed with the work of Sharon Dey and Linda Lackay. These candidates have the ability to make difficult decisions, and although the decisions may be unpopular, they explain and support their reasons behind their votes.

I have watched them aid in maintaining a high standard for educating our children even though state funding was “frozen” or “cut” for years.

Linda introduced a new concept to Jackson three years ago, called the committee of the whole. These were working board meetings. You have the ability to see the board questioning the agenda without any action taken.

The committee of the whole was developed into budget workshop meetings, which provided the transparency our community required.

The following year, upon Sharon Dey’s proposal, they introduced the community budget committee, which gave community members the opportunity to be a part of the entire budget process. These are the attributes I am looking for in representation of our community.

Laneta Owens