Education essentials to be discussed

PLUMSTED — Setting a firm educational foundation is vital to ensuring future academic and social success.

With that in mind, the New Egypt Primary School, Evergreen Road, will host a special session on the topic of “Progressing Through Primary School” 6:30-7:30 p.m. May 11.

“This event is to provide valuable, musthave information for parents of children in or entering the primary school, preschool through first grade,” said occupational therapist Karen O’Brien. “Teachers, therapists and other highly qualified staff members will be available to answer any questions parents may have regarding skills that children need in order to be successful in primary school.”

O’Brien said attending the special session is a way for parents to learn what skills their children need and what they will learn in preschool through first grade.

Guest speaker and first-grade teacher Ginger White will provide essential reading strategies and information parents should know in order to aid in their child’s academic success from preschool through first grade.

“We started [this program] last year as a way to provide important information to the community and to help parents learn how they can support their kids at home,” she said.

White said the staff volunteered to participate in the program last year and will do so once again.

“As the parent of a child attending the preschool program at the New Egypt Primary School, I feel it is very beneficial to have such valuable information so easily accessible,” said White. “It is not always easy to know what is developmentally appropriate or age appropriate for your child socially or academically, and this event helps provide a better understanding of that.”

Baby-sitting services will be available at the May 11 event. Individuals whose children will require baby-sitting are asked to call the New Egypt Primary School at 609- 758-6800, ext. 111, prior to the event.