Pair’s support for softball field improvements was wrong

Arrogance is a powerful destructive force that has taken down many politicians. Case in point, Jackson Mayor Michael Reina and Jackson Township Council President Michael Kafton supported building a palatial girls room on the Bartley Road softball field.

Mr. Kafton originally voiced opposition; however, all it took was a small group of supporters to carry on at a council meeting and he went down like a house of cards in a wind tunnel.

Projected costs for this girls rest room, which will only be used part of the year, is $261,000. Does this sound reasonable to you? Mayor Reina and Mr. Kafton apparently believe this is a mere pittance — when it’s the taxpayers’ money.

The latest is now Mayor Reina and Mr. Kafton want you to believe that this megaexpensive toilet is being paid for out of a bond previously purchased so it will cost the taxpayers little to nothing.

Really? And who do they think is paying for that bond and all of the accumulated interest? It’s simply a matter of robbing Peter to pay Paul, with Jackson’s taxpayers playing both roles.

Furthermore, $261,000 is just the starting point. The taxpayers were not told that Mayor Reina ordered the public works department to work on that field for the grand opening ceremony held on April 17. This involved hundreds of man hours. That wasn’t part of the $261,000, but it will be part of your tax bill. This doesn’t include recurring costs like maintenance, insurance, security, employees, etc.?

Excessive spending must stop and taxes must be stabilized. The great appeal Jackson once had that drew thousands of new residents is fading. Unfortunately, Mayor Reina and Mr. Kafton have done much to dim the bright light of hope that once was Jackson’s.

The best years of Jackson must lie ahead, but only if excessive spending is stopped and taxes are stabilized. Unfortunately, Michael Reina and Michael Kafton do not have the type of record which deserves your vote.

Charlie Heluk


Editor’s note: Jackson Mayor Michael Reina and Jackson Township Council President Michael Kafton are candidates for mayor in the May 11 Jackson municipal election. Jackson Township Councilman Kenneth Bressi is also running for the office of mayor.