Jackson community pulled together to find family’s lost dog

We lost our dog on April 13 in the woods off Don Connor Boulevard in Jackson. My husband was out walking the woods and A.J. (our dog) took off after a deer.

He was not familiar with the area and we could not find him. Not being close to home, we did not have a lot of confidence that we would find him. If you know the area, it is hundreds of acres of woods.

I sent out emails to friends and reported it to animal control immediately.

I have never seen so much support from a community. People were searching all over for our dog. The township went above and beyond my expectations in support.

They were helping to search the roads, the woods, parks and surrounding areas. I never imagined a community would be so supportive and helpful. We received numerous calls asking how people could help, if we found him and what could be done.

After three days, we received a phone call from a builder who spotted A.J. We immediately went to the site, and it was him.

A big thank you to the people at animal control, Jackson Township employees, friends and family who helped find our dog. We really appreciate it, and I honestly don’t think we would have found him if it wasn’t for your support.

Mark, Patti and Matthew Herrick