‘New Beginnings’ art show at local winery

The Allentown Art Guild, in collaboration with the Laurita Winery, will host “New Beginnings,” an exhibition featuring works by the multitalented members of the Allentown Art Guild.

The exhibiting artists reflect a wide range of styles: nonrepresentational abstract, impressionism, realism, and expressionism, and a wide variety of subject matter with “New Beginnings” being the common theme.

The artwork will be on display at the Laurita Winery, 35 Archertown Road in New Egypt to Sept. 19.

The Allentown Art Guild is comprised of 25 plus members — full-time and part-time artists from the Allentown, Cream Ridge, Perrineville, Roosevelt and East Windsor areas.

The Guild holds monthly meetings that include workshops, demonstrations and lectures by distinguished artists from New Jersey. The public is invited to attend many of these events..

Information about the exhibit, monthly Guild activities or information on how to become a member can be found on the Guild website at www.allentownartguild.org.