‘The Painting World of Evelyn Leavens’

The Monmouth Museum is presenting a retrospective exhibition of works by Red Bank artist Evelyn Leavens. “The Painting World of Evelyn Leavens: A Retrospective Exhibition” opened July 9 and will be on view at the museum through Sept. 5.

“Artist with Reflecting Glasses” “Artist with Reflecting Glasses” Leavens’ work spans six decades and includes a wide range of subjects and styles from realism to abstraction. Primarily selftaught, Leavens is considered a master of multiple mediums, including oil, watercolor, ink, pencil, pastel and collage.

Leavens applies her unique point of view and personality to each of her works, from self-portraits and figure studies to pastoral scenes. Nature is a constant source of inspiration, from her love of farmlands, woods, beaches and gardens, to her own backyard.

A longtime member of the Monmouth County art community, Leavens has exhibited widely and received two fellowships from the New Jersey State Council on the Arts.
“Nineties Baggage” “Nineties Baggage”