Resident was committed to helping others

Iwas out of town and upon my return I was saddened to read that one of Jackson’s most respected and benevolent citizens, Ted Hordichuk, had passed away.

Ted and his wife, Carol, are very special people to Jackson Township. They were very involved in many humanitarian causes that not only benefited individuals, but the community as a whole.

I always knew when I received a phone call from Ted or Carol that I would be asked to help with some philanthropic cause. His stellar reputation assured me that if Ted was behind it, it was worthy of support.

We were truly fortunate that Ted shared his passion, commitment and sense of responsibility with us. His good deeds and tireless efforts made him a familiar face to the philanthropic community, and he will surely be missed. And while Ted accomplished much in his seemingly boundless limits of devotion to his hometown, I will remember him as a dear friend.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Carol and the family for their loss.

Robert W. Singer Senator, District 30