Manville Colts edge Kenilworth

The Manville Colts improved to 4-1 with a 21-20 win over Kenilworth on Sunday.
The offense, first led by quarterback Sebastian Galves (first half) and then by Jeremy Nurnberger, accounted for 244 yards on the ground. Steven Bogantes had 167 yards, three touchdowns and an extra point. Angelo Locham had 38 yards and kicked an extra point. Kyle Puza did some hard running up the middle to gain 32 yards and Tristan Jamie accounted for another 7 yards.
Both offensive lines did well against Kenilworth’s 4-4 defense. Scott Caswell, Steven Poto, Katlyn Faulkner, Erik Warren, Jared Matisak, Billy Caswell, Jake Tokarzewski, Kodey Keimig, Tyler Bowser, Justin Faulkner, Gerard Booker, Troy Oset and Allen Cullins all did a fine job and helped with the victory. Tokarzewski did a good job filling in to long-snap for Locham’s extra-point kick.
The defense had its moments with Kenilworth passing the entire second half. Locham wound up with four sacks, followed by Warren with two. Others with tackles were Jamie, Puza, Poto, Nurnberger, Keimig and Chris Garcia with three and an interception. Garcia was the tackler on Kenilworth’s attempt to win the game with an extra point. Katlyn Faulkner made her first appearance as a defensive player.
This week’s captains were Erik Warren, Chris Garcia, Allen Cullins, and Tristan Jamie.
The Colts will play Bound Brook at home Sunday at 2 p.m.