Howell resident says Nicastro has qualities a public official needs

If you had to choose one quality that you look for in an elected official, what would it be? Honesty? Integrity? Dependability? Accessibility? Candor? Intelligence? Common sense? Humility? Selflessness? Community mindedness?

What if you did not have to choose only one of these character traits, but instead could have an elected official who possesses them all?

Well, you have that in Robert Nicastro, a candidate for Howell Township Council.

Mr. Nicastro’s entire adult life has been dedicated to public service as a law enforcement officer, as a volunteer emergency medical technician, as a community board member and as an appointed public official in Howell, where he has resided with his wife and children for the past four years.

In that time, Mr. Nicastro has served on the Planning Board (a position he currently holds), as the education liaison between the school board and the Township Council, coordinator of the Youth Government Council, the Griebling School’s fifth-grade basketball coach, and as a Little League baseball coach.

Mr. Nicastro has given more of his time and creative energy in service to Howell in the few short years he has lived here than many will ever give in a lifetime.

Mr. Nicastro does this because it is his nature to serve, pure and simple, and not for any political or economic gain.

Mr. Nicastro’s only motivation behind his desire to be our next councilman is so that we can all be a part of a thriving, financially solvent, environmentally conscious community. That is a true public servant.

That is what Howell needs, now more than ever, given the increasingly difficult budgetary times were are sure to face.

That is why Mr. Nicastro has my full support and why we all need to vote for Smith, Gotto and Nicastro on Nov. 2, 2010.

Amy Fankhauser