Price for comfort station at softball field reduced

JACKSON — A $261,149 contract that was awarded to R.F. Simon for the construction of a comfort station at the Bartley Road softball field will be reduced by $11,933.

An adjusted contract price of $249,216 was approved by the Jackson Township Council in a 4-0 vote on Nov. 23.

Township Engineer Daniel Burke and representatives of Jackson’s special projects engineering firm French and Parello Associates reviewed the project and recommended the approval of several changes.

“The bulk of the contract was made up of lump sum elements, like the building, but there were some elements of the contract that were unit priced,” Burke said, adding that the estimated quantity and the final actual quantity of certain items added up to a savings.

There was also a change related to electrical service that produced a savings of about $8,800, Burke said.

Burke praised the contractor, R.F. Simon, who worked on the comfort station.

“I would be happy to work with him anytime,” the engineer said. “The whole project is done and the maintenance bond is done and he will be receiving his final payment.”

Burke said the facility will be ready for play in the spring.