Business expansion OK’d

Staff Writer

JACKSON — The construction of an 1,800-square-foot addition to the existing Down To Earth Landscaping Inc. facility on Wright-DeBow Road near Ernest Way has been approved by the Jackson Planning Board in an 8-0 vote.

The addition will be a steel shed, insulated on the inside, with overhead doors and a geothermal concrete floor.

By way of introducing the plan, Doug Klee, the board’s engineer, said, “This is a major site plan to add an 1,800-square-foot addition to an existing garage and office build- ing. The addition meets all of the required setbacks and raises no issues. There are no variances being requested and there is not very much environmentally or engineering-wise, nor is there any problem with the grading or the drainage.”

Under questioning from attorney Ray Shea, who represented the applicant, Down To Earth Landscaping owner Bill Mackler said two contiguous lots were being used, one for Down To Earth Landscaping and one for the Ocean Wholesale Nursery.

He indicated there is another business at the site, Concrete Washout Solutions.

Walter Bostian, a partner, said all three businesses operate out of the same building and both partners agreed that none of the previous expansion over the years or any disturbance of the land occurred in the area of wetlands or a stream.

The board’s planner, Anna Wainright, indicated her concern with the close proximity to the wetlands of the storm water runoff.

Engineer Richard DiFolco, representing the applicant, said the site plan was approved in 2005 and he said all improvements have been made in compliance with the original plan. DiFolco said that to the south of the site’s gravel parking lot is a storm water detention basin which captures all of the water that is within the side boundaries of the Down To Earth Landscaping property.

When the initial storm water plan was developed, along the east and west sides of the property, a swale system was developed, he said.

“The Down To Earth Landscaping site in the center of this island is surrounded on all sides by the swale, so no water leaves the site until it goes through the storm water detention basin,” he said. “That’s at the rear of the property.”

DiFolco was asked if there was an approved site plan for Concrete Washout Solutions, a concrete truck washing operation, and he said that business is part of Down To Earth Landscaping.

The engineer explained the procedures used by the Concrete Washout Solutions trucks and noted there was no overnight spillage.

No one from the public commented on the application when given the opportunity to do so, and the board voted to approve the 1,800- square-foot addition for Down To Earth Landscaping.