Woman feels targeted by Public Works

Marianne Prontnicki, of Monroe
    My previous note was short as I had to shovel myself out of my driveway in the event that my two young children needed me.
   Now, I would like to continue.
   I understand that the entire town had to be plowed. What I have a significant issue with is that when a Public Works employee attempts to do the job that my hard-earned money pays for their salary, I would expect that at minimum they do not make the situation worse for me.
   When I realized that there was approximately 3-4 feet of snow plowed onto my driveway path, I walked calmly over to the man who was driving truck No. 68 and explained that I would appreciate it if he would at least take half the snow that he plowed onto my driveway.
   At which point, I was told to “dream on honey.”
   I asked for his name. He replied, “Joe.” I asked for his ID. He ignored me, then told me he wasn’t finished yet and said “yeah, right” under his breath.
   His sarcasm prompted me to go get my camera. I called the Public Works and spoke to a gentleman by the name of “Bob Daughtry.” He told me he would take care of it. I had to go on a conference call.
   When I want outside 45 minutes later, there was twice as much snow plowed onto my driveway. Obviously, I was targeted since my neighbors did not have as much snow.
   When I called Public Works again (second man did not give me his name — sounded a lot like Bob, though.
   I was furious at this point when I was told “What do you want us to do? We have a whole township to plow.”
   That’s true, however, I was targeted because I do not believe as a taxpaying citizen that my shoveling should be made harder, and they should not make more work for me because I requested that someone’s job be done in a fair manner.
   Now my concern is that I will continue to be targeted by the Public Works Department. This is ludicrous.
   I’m being perceived as an irrational citizen for having the nerve to request respect, however, the ignorance of a spiteful Public Works employee is acceptable?
   I think not. I sincerely hope that at minimum I am not targeted in the future as a result of an ignorant man that had the audacity to plow a woman with two children in with over 4 feet of snow.