No truth to rumor of threats made at AHS


ALLENTOWN — Despite a rumor circulating in the community, no threats were made to the safety of Allentown High School students or staff.

A concerned parent notified the Upper Freehold Regional School District of the rumor that a threatening message had been written on a classroom chalkboard on Feb. 17. The message referred to a specific time of day on Feb. 18, according to Superintendent of Schools Dick Fitzpatrick.

“We investigated and actually identified the student and teacher in the actual location where the message was written,” Fitz- patrick said. “The notation was written to remind the teacher that the student would not be in class on Friday.”

Fitzpatrick said the student’s parents confirmed the content of the message.

Once the district investigated the issue, Fitzpatrick notified parents via telephone and email to state that “there was never a threat made relative to the safety and well being of the students, faculty or staff.”

Fitzpatrick also said Feb. 18 was a full day of school for grades 9-12.

“Only the Newell Elementary School and the Stone Bridge Middle School will have a half-day to make up their staff development day lost due to a snow day,” Fitzpatrick said.