Council salutes teachers

Staff Writer

JACKSON — Members of the Jackson Township Council praised the community’s outstanding teachers during a recent meeting.

Council President Scott Martin said, “As a person who came up through the Jackson school system, I attended the Johnson Elementary School, which my kids are attending now. The teachers here in Jackson are some of the best anywhere.”

He said township officials appreciate the job the teachers do. Martin then called up the outstanding teachers representing all 10 schools:

 Jackson Memorial High School, English teacher Michele McCann.

 Jackson Liberty High School, math teacher Marilyn Coyle.

 Carl Goetz Middle School, social studies teacher Heather Forrest.

 Christa McAuliffe Middle School, science and math teacher Sharon Knapp.

 Elms Elementary School, physical education teacher Robert D’Ambrosio.

 Johnson School, special education teacher Carla Cucci.

 Crawford-Rodriguez Elementary School, elementary teacher Michelle Glucksnis.

 Switlik School, computer and advanced math teacher Robert Autenrieth.

 Rosenauer School, elementary teacher Justine Behan.

 Holman School, physical education teacher Cathy Keller.

Martin announced that Marilyn Coyle had been named the 2010-11 Jackson School District Teacher of the Year.

Councilwoman Bobbie Rivere acknowledged all of the teachers in the audience and those who were honored.

“It’s a wonderful profession,” said Rivere. “Nobody can be in a better profession than taking care of our kids, and I was there once. It’s a very noble profession, and congratulations to all of you.”

Councilman Kenneth Bressi said, “I have always respected the teachers. After school or before school, they are always dedicated to what they do. They come in early in the morning before the students and they stay after school to work together on projects.”

Rivere reported that progress is being made regarding shared services between the municipality and the school district.

“Today we discussed combining our email accounts and working together on our phone systems,” she said.

The goal of shared services is to reduce expenses for the school district and the municipality.

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