Three charged with attempted theft

JACKSON — Three residents of Howell have been charged in connection with attempted theft from vending machines at the Jackson Outlet Mall on Route 537.

According to police, at about 2:55 a.m. March 15, Police Officer Michael Friedman conducted a security check at the outlet mall .

While conducting the security check, Friedman came upon a vehicle that was registered to a Howell resident. The vehicle was parked behind a children’s clothing store. Upon finding the vehicle unoccupied, the officer began a check of the stores at the mall.

Several minutes later the officer returned to where the vehicle had been parked, but it was no longer at the outlet mall.

Friedman located the vehicle several minutes later at a convenience store on Route 537, a short distance from the outlet mall. As Friedman pulled up to the vehicle, the three occupants were getting out and preparing to enter the convenience store, according to police.

The individuals were identified as a male and two females, respectively, Genci Mirzo, 20, Cairistiona Bulsiewicz, 19, and Amy Labella, 19, all of Howell.

By that time, Officer Jeremy Felder had joined Friedman at the convenience store. Friedman and Felder asked the individuals why they had been at the outlet mall several minutes earlier.

At the same time, Officer Michael Goelz was checking the area around the children’s store at the outlet mall where the vehicle had been observed by Friedman.

Police said Goelz noticed that vending machines near the store had been damaged. Pieces of one machine were scattered on the sidewalk. Another machine had a crowbar stuck in it near the dollar bill slot.

Gloves and wiring from a machine were found at the scene, according to information provided by police.

Friedman was advised of the condition of the vending machines, and the three individuals with whom he was speaking at the convenience store were detained and transported to the Jackson Police Department.

Detective Shawn Hobson responded to the outlet mall and processed the crime scene.

At police headquarters, Detective Michael Kelly spoke with the three individuals.

Following the interviews, Friedman placed each individual under arrest.

Mirzo and Bulsiewicz were each charged with criminal attempt theft, criminal mischief and possession of burglary tools.

Labella was charged with criminal attempt theft and possession of burglary tools.

All three individuals were processed and released after each received a copy of the summons complaint.