County to offer free oral cancer screenings

The Monmouth Cancer Coalition will sponsor its fourth annual oral cancer-screening event to raise awareness about risks of oral cancer and reduce mortality from the disease. Free oral cancer screening exams will be available throughout Monmouth County on April 14 at a variety of venues, including a senior center, hospitals, clinics and family practices.

“New Jersey has a significantly higher risk of oral cancer than other states, and Monmouth County is higher than the average of New Jersey counties,” said Michael A. Meddis, M.P.H., public health coordinator of the Monmouth County Health Department and chair of the Monmouth Cancer Coalition’s Work Group on Oral Cancer. “We believe that regular health screenings can make a big difference and that education about oral cancer is key to saving lives.”

The campaign consists of free oral cancer screenings and public education focusing on risk factors associated with oral cancer. At designated sites, an oral health professional will provide a free oral cancer-screening exam for anyone who registers. This is a simple test that can detect lesions or other signs of oral cancer. All adults are eligible to receive the test. In addition, educational materials will be available at senior centers, community health centers, health fairs and other county events.

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