HILLSBOROUGH: Wald has ‘excellent ability to lead’

I have lived in Hillsborough all my life and have been actively involved in Hillsborough government for many years. The Hillsborough Board of Education, like many other school districts, faces increasingly challenging decisions. Difficult times call for difficult strategic decisions and a hard look at processes, policies and goals.
   I firmly believe David Wald has excellent ability to lead and focus on what needs to be done to improve our school district, bring language back to the elementary schools and add teachers so that classroom sizes return to normal levels without raising our taxes.
   Children are our future and we need to give them the great education that they need and deserve, just as our parents gave us. David is never afraid to challenge the status quo, rethink the norm and find a better solution. With his experience on the Board of Adjustment, Credit Card Advisory Committee and Economic Business Development Commission, he knows how government works and what he needs to do to take action and get things done. He also is a coach for the Hillsborough Baseball League. He is an independent-thinking person who wants to do what is right for all township residents and teachers and is never shy about expressing his opinion.
   I urge everyone to join me in voting for David Wald on Wednesday, April 27th, for the Hillsborough Board of Education.
Marian Fenwick