Deadly Parvo Virus Affecting Dogs In Central NJ

By Nicole Tassinaro
July 1, 2011 Robbinsville, NJ – The highly contagious, and potentially fatal dog parvovirus has reached Central Jersey.
NorthStar VETS has seen about five cases of canines that have come in with parvovirus.
First news of the virus began in Cumberland County where there were at least 10 incidences of the disease.
The virus does not affect humans and is spread from dog to dog through feces or soil where canine feces once were. Parvo can also live outside the dog’s body for some time. When a dog licks, sniffs or has close contact with an infected dog, that dog will become infected as well. This particular virus is so powerful that it is possible to affect all of your dogs at once.
Dogs infected with parvovirus may suffer from severe diarrhea, with a very distinct and foul odor. Other symptoms include, vomiting, high fever, loss of appetite, and depression.
If your dog is showing these symptoms it is likely that the virus may have already invaded the pets vital organs. If your dog is infected with the virus it will require intensive care in order to stand a chance to fight the disease.
The best way to protect your pet is to vaccinate all of the dogs in your household. Shots for parvo are available at your regular veterinarians office.
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