Fire victim thanks helpers

Karen Foster-Pippitt, Prince Street, Bordentown
I would like to have this published in the Register News as a heart felt thank you to all who have helped us during our time of need.
   Words are not enough to say thank you for all of those who have helped my family and I during our fire at 521 Willow St. on June 4, 2011.
   Bordentown City and the surrounding communities as well as police officers, emergency response personell, the American Red Cross, Trinity Methodist Church, Barney’s Kennel, Capital Bedding, family, friends, co-workers, neighbors even strangers that have reached out and touched our hearts. Prayers donations from beds, clothing, food, household items, gift cards and the Foster Family Relief Fund that was set up by my son because so many people wanted to help.
   I have been overwhelmed with the love and support from ALL of you. Just when I was on the brink of giving up on humanity in today’s world, steps forth an army of Earth Angels from all walks of life to help ease the pain of the loss our home of 15 years. Being born and raised here in Bordentown I can say we have a wonderful community and it’s really a nice place to be living.
   Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts, you will all be forever in our prayers God bless.
   Karen Foster –Pippitt, wife of James Pippitt, Joshua, Joseph Corey and Cody Foster and our three canine companions, Daisy, Rosie and Pebbles.