N.J. taxpayers are the ones being cheated

Way to go, Gov. Christie! I have been reading the worn-out statement that the cuts in the budget are cheating the poor, most vulnerable, etc.

Here is the gist of an article that recently appeared. You decide who is being cheated. A member of the administration of a child care center in Newark was bemoaning the fact that the state cut their budget. The person said illegal immigrants are being adversely affected to a great degree.

They said the fact the illegals were working off the books further complicated chances of the illegals getting any additional help from the government. Well, who is being cheated and adversely affected here? I say it is the New Jersey taxpayer.

Why should taxpayers support people who have broken our laws three times — once by entering the U.S. illegally, once by working off the books, and again by not paying taxes to at least offset the costs of any services they receive?

This is just one example of many as to why the state is in dire financial shape.

Lois Wolke Edison