HILLSBOROUGH: 355 acres added to Sourlands Preserve

   The Somerset County Board of Freeholders has preserved another 355 acres in the Sourland Mountain Preserve.
   ”This significant acquisition continues Somerset County’s commitment to the preservation of the unique habitat of the Sourland Mountain region,” said Freeholder Director Robert Zaborowski.
   ”This will allow for public access to Roaring Brook and along the Transco pipeline easement. Access along the pipeline path will continue the connection from the parking area on East Mountain Road west to Long Hill Road.”
   Somerset County began the preservation of the Sourland Mountain in Hillsborough and Montgomery townships in the early 1970s with the donation of more than 700 acres of land from the 3M Company.
   Today, with a total of 728 acres of quarry property acquired from Constructural Dynamics and the former 3M Company, the preserve exceeds 4,700 acres, making it the largest area in Somerset County’s 12,200-acre park system. The land is used for passive recreation such as hiking and bird-watching.
   The most recent 355-acre acquisition from Constructural Dynamics includes the Roaring Rocks area.
   Roaring Rocks is a distinctive geological formation of large boulders overlaying Roaring Brook that “roars” during heavy rain events as the water flows under the boulders.
   The Sourland Mountain is an area of intact natural and agricultural land located within three largely developed counties. It spans from the central part of Hillsborough Township southwest to the Delaware River in West Amwell and Hopewell townships.
   The Sourlands contain more than 20,000 contiguous forested acres that protect the water supply to headwaters to several significant streams running to the D&R Canal, Millstone, Raritan and Delaware rivers. The Sourlands environment supports many rare plant and animal species. It also provides nesting and a migratory stopover habitat for more than 100 species of birds.