ReRun will hold Moneigh auction

ReRun Inc., an organization that rehabilitates, retrains, and finds adoptive homes for thoroughbred racehorses when their careers on the track are over, is holding a Moneigh auction on eBay beginning Nov. 27 and ending Dec. 4.

Moneighs are pieces of artwork created by horses using their muzzle, tail and hooves. The name came from combining the name of the famous artist Monet and the sound that a horse makes, a neigh. Some of the greatest thoroughbreds in racing have created Moneighs to raise money for ReRun.

The holiday auction will consist of original, abstract 16-by-20-inch Moneigh paintings created by some of North America’s best thoroughbreds.

The auction’s theme is “Competition at its Best” and plays on the game of Six Degrees of Separation. “All the artists are intertwined, or have raced against one another at some point,” said Moneigh project director Mary Simons.

One example of this competition is between four artists who competed in the 2007 Triple Crown races. Now fans can view the paintings and decide who is the best, competing off the racetrack as an artist.

Proceeds from the annual auction support ex-racehorses awaiting adoption at ReRun’s foster farms in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Kentucky and North Carolina. Moneigh paintings are available year-round on the website. To view the Moneighs on eBay, go to and click on the eBay icon.