MANVILLE: ‘Hoop shoot’ free throw champions crowned

   Two boys and two girls, ages 8-13, won the local Manville-Hillsborough Elks Lodge 2119 round of competition in the 40th annual Elks “Hoop Shoot” free throw shooting contest held Saturday, Nov. 19, at the Weston School in Manville.
   Top scorer of the day was Julie Pankowski of Manville, who made 18 of 25 free throws.
   The following champions will represent the Manville-Hillsborough Lodge at the West Central District competition, tentatively scheduled Sunday, Jan. 8, in Bound Brook.
   Boys 8-9: Joseph Wildgoose, Manville (8 of 25) and Logan Chaya, Manville (5 of 25).
   Girls 8-9: Kate Sanders, Manville (5 of 25) was unopposed.
   Boys 10-11: Jonathan Serrano, Manville (16 of 25), and Jack Sanders, Manville, and Patryk Cryc, Manville, (both 8 of 25).
   Girls 12-13: Julie Pankowski, Manville (18 of 25) and Victoria Schuyler, Manville (9 of 9).
   Trophies will be awarded to the champions during a regular meeting night at the lodge in January.
   The “Elks Hoop Shoot”, begun as a local program by the Corvallis, Oregon, Elks in 1946, is in its 40th year of national competition. By the time the national champions are crowned in Springfield, Massachusetts, early in April 2012. More than three million boys and girls will have participated.